My First Blog Post!!

Hey Guys and Gals Hope your having an awesome Saturday!  Since this is my first blog post I thought I would share with you my idea behind starting a blog.  There are so many experiences we have in our lives that we think are worth sharing and so often we think we are so busy, we must shorten our experience or our thought to a simple Facebook post or an instagram caption.  I always find myself wanting to say more or share more so this is my attempt at just that.  Since the outdoors is where LaDonna and I spend most of our time this will be the primary focus of the blog. Archery, Hunting, Fishing related content mainly with a little splash of my personality😜. I’m sure I will throw in LOTS of family related stuff including as much positive and uplifting content as you can all probably stand!!

This is going to be an awesome adventure and I’m really excited about it so stay tuned!!!


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