2019 Goals

Let me just say that 2018 went by like a NHRA top fuel dragster for me and LaDonna. I got promoted at work which led to a relocation to OKC for us mid year. With all the moving and settling in at home and a work I only published one article in 2018. I wrote more than that but I didn’t finish many of those articles. With all the changes I didn’t hunt or fish nearly as much as I wanted to and when I did, I didn’t take the time to document those experiences.

Now that I’ve confessed my sins, my goal for 2019 is to hunt more, fish more, write more….I think you get the point.

What is on the Agenda for 2019 you ask??

Let’s see, Last year I went trolling for Crappie for the first time. I have my boat set up for that so that will definitely be a topic.

Also I’ve always been intrigued by the whole kayak tournament fishing deal so you will likely see some of that content as well.

Fly fishing….did I mention Fly fishing? We’ll give that some attention too!

Don’t forget that I’m an Archer first so I’m sure there will be some target archery of some sort to talk about…except not indoor target archery (Dots)…tried it…it’s not for me. We will continue with some 3D archery and I may even give something new a try like TAC or Alpha Bowhunting challenge.

Most importantly I’m looking for a site format that works for me and you so be patient because all that is going to be changing as well.

2019 should be exciting so Stay Tuned!!


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